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screen print, 4 layers

Poster exploring the visual language of pausing.


↑ This project was created in a team with, and during employment at HeyHeydeHaas.

STRP explores the relationship between art, technology, and major societal issues with the general public, artists, designers, media makers, and thinkers. The Eindhoven-based organisation starts a dialogue about speculative future scenarios with various events throughout the year and an annual festival in the spring.

The 2023 edition of STRP Festival dives deeper into the theme of 'The Art of Listening'. In our society we prefer seeing to hearing and speaking to listening. Self-expression is what drives thinking, science and our social media. Now that social media serve as a megaphone for the masses, and anyone can voice their opinion at any time, STRP wonders who is left to listen. The campaign calls for a moment of silence and attention in order to create a space where listening can start to take place.
↑ Photo credit — Boudewijn Bollmann

book design

A documentation of the same-titled reseach project by photographer and social designer Jip van de Beek. It contains the outcome of various exercises involving photography that aim to start conversations about hidden and/or obscured family trauma passed on through generations. The book design is based on a file folder, containing photos and transcripts of conversations that are meant to be read and seen side-by-side.

video installation

Our memories seem only to be as sharp as the images that represent them. As images progressively gain sharpness, they seem to supersede the imagination. What is lost in this effort to preserve? Transcribed Memory revolves around a personal archive of digitized home-video tapes. By repeating the process of digitalization, the images are constantly transcribed by the screen and the camera. The result is an image that is in a way obstructed and recreated into something that shapes its own conditions.

Part of Tables of Content: GDA Graduation Show 2019, Arnhem.

exploring the potential of the low-resolution image

In a high-resolution world based on definition, hegemony and credibility, the low- resolution can offer an escape from sharpness. Compared to the high-resolution image, the low- resolution does not command to be taken seriously and is far from literal or objective. It is less ‘what it needs to be’ and ‘more what you want it to be.’ This does not mean that the image is discreditable; it just means that the image is more inclusive. Its allowance to be ‘amateur,’ unrefined and accessible puts the control back into the creator’s hands.
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285 x 420 mm, courant.


The archive collection of ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut’ stands between the preservation of cultural heritage and generating progressive discussions, ideas and exhibitions as a museum. The archival system (physical and online) make it difficult to see the archived material outside the context of the author and/or project. This strongly influences the meaning and importance of the archived objects. To counter the functional structure of the search portal, we were inspired by the situationist movement to preform a dérive inside the search portal. The trees used in technical draw-ings caught our interest, not only because of their function to indicate scale, but also because they are beautiful images that show a certain artistic expression. “Het Nieuwe Arboretum” represents a space that can be used to attain information as well as a visual experience and to wander around.

in collaboration with Michelle de Leeuw


A revised version of the fountation of the modern Flat Earth Theory, replacing the original content with Flat Earth Memes found on internet communities. These memes struggle to capture and explain the extensive theories of the Flat Earth Theory in a world of short attention spans.

In collaboration with Sam Reith


Installation made during a Feedback loop Workshop by Remco van Bladel.


Fold out maps that contain visual infographics of the items in my personal drawers and boxes at home.


Assuming that an artificial womb will be reality in a near future, the device would most likely have to reside in a hospital and under close supervision. This would create a distance between parent and child. RELATIVELY CLOSE explores a possible scenario in how the intimacy and poetry of pregnancy can be maintained.


A book that represents the contents of Ubu Web in an opposite context, taking its low-resolution content and presenting them as high art. This project questions how the context determents how its content is precieved.


Expressive Script contains three dialogue-scenes from iconic Hitchcock movies. Every dialogue typographically explores the play for control and power between the respective characters.


Herself is a direct antonym on the 2015 book Selfish, a collection of selfies published by Kim Kardashian.


Poster made in reaction to the eurovision songcontest winner of 2016. The poster questions the intent and purpose of the festival.

Jesse van Meel
Graphic Designer


BA Graphic Design
Artez University of the Arts, Arnhem
(2015 – 2019)

Minor Design Research
Artez University of the Arts, Arnhem
MBO Niveau 4 Mediavormgeving
Graduated w/ excellence
Sint Lucas, Boxtel
(2011 – 2015)


Broet, Natlab, Eindhoven
(12 October 2023)

Arnhemse Nieuwe 2019
OPA Arnhem
(4 October 2019)

Tables Of Content
Graduation Show
Artez Graphic Design, Arnhem
(3 – 8 July 2019)

Poster Contest ‘I Save Sex’, Breda
De Affiche Gallerij, The Hague
(June – August 2016)


Freelance Graphic Designer
Eindhoven (2024)

Graphic Designer
SILO Agency for Spatial Branding
The Hague (2023)

Graphic Designer
Eindhoven (2019 – 2023)

Studio Renate Boere
The Hague (2018)

Hats & Tales
Rotterdam (2015)